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Mercedes-Benz Vito and V-Class W638 instrument cluster repair

How to repair Mercedes-Benz Vito W638, Vito Marco Polo W638 and Classe V W638

Sometimes it may happen the LCD screen place in the middle of Mercedes Vito Marco Polo, Vito and V-Class W638, which works as odometer, digital clock or shows the outside temperature, doesn’t work or have missing digits, therefore being unreadable. When this happens the solution that gets usually offered is the replacement of Mercedes-Benz W638 dashboard, expensive and not simple solution. Here at Minitools we offer an alternative, less expensive, easier and eco-friendly solution: why replace the entire instrument cluster, when you can repair it?

On our e-commerce it’s available a replacement LCD display, the SEPDISP49, that replaces the faulty one of Mercedes Vito and V-Class, repairing the instrument cluster.

Once you’ve replaced the display, all you need to do is put back the instrument panel in the vehicle and problem will be fixed, as no re-programming whatsoever is necessary.

To purchase the SEPDISP49,