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DAF CF, LF and XF instrument cluster repair

Here’s how to repair the dashboards of DAF LF, CF and XF with not working or failing LCD display

Is DAF instrument cluster display unreadable or not working?
That is a common issue on the DIP-4 instrument panels of the following DAF trucks models:

  • DAF CF65 (2002-2013 models)
    all versions including CF65.220; CF65.250; CF65.280 and CF65.300;
  • DAF CF75 (2002-2013 models)
    all versions including CF75.250, CF75.310, CF75.360;
  • DAF CF85 (2002-2013 models)
    all versions including CF85.340, CF85.360, CF85.380, CF85.410, CF85.430, CF85.460, CF85.480, CF85.510;
  • DAF LF45 (2002-2013 models)
    all versions including LF45.140, LF45.150, LF45.160, LF45.170, LF45.180, LF45.210, LF45.220,
  • DAF LF55 (2002-2013 models)
    all versions including LF55.180, LF55.210, LF55.220, LF55.250, LF55.280, LF55.300.
  • DAF XF95 (2002-2013 models)
    all versions including XF95.380, XF95.430, XF95.480, XF95.530,
  • DAF XF105 (2002-2013 models)
    all versions including XF105.410, XF105.460, XF105.510.

Let’s see how to fix DAF instrument cluster display problem.

When DAF speedometers LCD screen is badly readable, fading or blank, the cause it’s a malfunction of the display itself; so, to avoid replacing of the entire instrument panel, and to save money and time, we developed and produced a replacement LCD display for repairing the dashboards of DAF XF, CF and LF: the SEPDISP58.

Display SEPDISP58 per contachilometri DAF XF, LF e CF

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