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How to repair Mercedes W211, W209, and C219 speedometer needle: here’s the solution

On Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class A209 / C209, CLS-Class C219, and E-Class S211 / W211 instrument clusters you might encounter a significant issue: the malfunction of the speed indicator needle, technically known as the speedometer. The Mercedes speedometer needle may be stuck, failing to show the actual speed of the vehicle, which can be dangerous for both the affected vehicle and other road users.

So, what should you do when the speedometer needle of Mercedes W209, C219, and W211 is not working?

When the speedometer gauge is stuck on a Mercedes CLK W209 or the speed indicator needle on a Mercedes E-Class W211 is not working, the usual solution offered is to replace the entire instrument cluster, which is expensive and complicated.

Minitools, however, offers a simpler and less expensive solution: Mercedes-Benz E-Class, CLK, and CLS speedometer gauge repair. We have analyzed and identified the cause of the stuck speedometer needle: the gear wheel of the speedometer deforms, preventing the needle from moving correctly.

Riparazione lancetta tachimetro Mercedes C219, W209 e W211

How to repair the speedometer on Mercedes CLS, CLK, and E-Class?

The faulty gear can simply be replaced with Minitools SEPCOR01 replacement, and the problem is solved! We’ve made a step-by-step DIY tutorial that shows you how to replace the gear wheel of Mercedes speedometers:

Mercedes E-Class, CLS, and CLK Speedometer Repair – DIY Tutorial

To purchase the SEPCOR01: