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Problems and solutions for Volkswagen T5 California and Volkswagen T6 California central control unit

Is the Volkswagen T5 control panel knob loose or broken? Is the Volkswagen T6 California camper control unit panel display unreadable or not working? Minitools produces replacement components useful to repair the Volkswagen T5 California (models from 2003 to 2015) and Volkswagen T6 California (models from 2015 to 2019) camper control panel, which means you won’t have to replace the whole unit. If you cannot access the menu to operate the roof of your camper, maybe the VW California central control panel has an issue or is defective. With Minitools SEP-KNOB01 you will be able to repair the Volkswagen T5 / T6 California camper control panel. Here’s a tutorial that will help you with the repair:

If the Volkswagen California mechanical rotary encoder for camper control panel is not working (doesn’t move or is hard to press) Minitools has the solution supplying the rotary encoder SEI-ENC013 for Volkswagen T5 and Volkswagen T6.

If the Volkswagen California central control unit display got lines on it which make it difficult or impossible to read, very often the issue is related to the flat (flat ribbon cable) connecting the LCD screen to the PCB. With Minitools SEPFLAT34 the display will be working again! Let us help you replacing the flat with the following tutorial:

Repair Volkswagen T5 California and Volkswagen T6 California with Minitools