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The Minitools SEPDISP43 display adaptable to John Deere and Massey Ferguson tractors has been extended by another three displays for repairing  tractor dashboards on some of the best-known brands.

The SEPDISP43 is the display for repairing John Deere instrument clusters and hour meters. This display is equipped with a PCB that is soldered to the tractor dashboard. It resolves problems such as illegible information on the display or the presence of a halo-like patch around display edges and in corners. (Some codes of repairable John Deere dashboards affected by these problems areAL167474, AL166105, AL114033, AL160475, AL159134, AL114034 etc.).

The new displays are now available to resolve the most common problems with tractor instrument clusters and hour meters.

The SEPDISP47 can be used to repair New Holland instrument clusters. One of the problems with this display is the presence of lines or illegible information on the display. (Some part codes for affected New Holland dashboards are: 47441086, 84152511, 47130121 etc.)

The SEPDISP61 is designed and built to repair the Massey Ferguson 6470 instrument clusters. The most common problem with the dashboard on this tractor is that the display turns on but does not show any information. (The OEM codes of Massey Ferguson tractors that can be repaired using Minitools displays are: MF 3787409M96, MF 3787412M95, MF 3787409M94, MF 3787409M97 etc.).

Lastly, the SEPDISP62 can be used to repair Lamborghini 990 F Plus instrument clusters. When the display stops working on this tractor, information segments are missing or the display turns on but does not show any information.

These displays are produced using technology that improves information contrast and visibility even under non-optimal conditions. The new displays resolve agricultural machinery instrument clusters problems and even improve the quality of information shown on the display.

Start repairing tractor instrument cluster displays!