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Audi A4 B6, B7 and Seat Exeo dashboard display


Modification instructions for Audi A4 B6/B7 and Seat Exeo instrument cluster display

Before installing the new SEPDISP13 display, please read carefully the following instructions. Our technicians, for illustrative purposes only, have made a video tutorial about how to repair the module.

Warning: this process is recommended only to expert and qualified staff

  • Replace the display in an ambient temperature of 25 °C.
  • After replacing the LCD, switch on the cluster (pin no. 2 and pin no. 3 positive, pin no. 18 negative).
  • Identify the PCB of your dashboard (PCB1 or PCB2) and measure the voltage between the points A and B with a multimeter
Audi A4 B6, B7, Seat Exeo instrument cluster PCB
Pic. 1
Audi A4 B6, B7, Seat Exeo instrument panel circuit board
Pic. 2
  • If the voltage measured is between 7.0V and 7.2V, no modification is necessary;
  • If the voltage detected is instead lower than 7.0V or higher than 7.2V, it is necessary to do the modification described in the following paragraph “EEPROM MODIFICATION“.
Audi A4 B6, B7, Seat Exeo speedometer EEPROM
Pic. 3


NOTE: For this modification, it is necessary to use an EEPROM programmer.
We recommend our SEP-EECLIP.

First, set the programmer reading in hexadecimal (HEX).
• De-solder the 24C08 EEPROM, highlighted in picture 3.

ATTENTION: Make a backup of the EEPROM, before the modification.

To reach a voltage between 7.0V and 7.2V, it is necessary to modify the value of 039B location;
Please note that increasing or decreasing these locations by 1 HEX unit, the variation will be +/- 0.09V.

If not familiar with hexadecimal calculation, it is possible to use the calculation tool in the box beside, simply typing in the values.

NOTE: The tool works correctly only on computers. For the mobile version, click here.

Calcolo SEPDISP26


*Come individuare i valori della locazione 039B sulla EEPROM


Once these modifications have been done, measure again the voltage between A and B points and check that it actually is between 7.0V and 7.2V. If not, increase or decrease the location until the value is as close as possible to the right range.

Video Tutorial

How to replace Audi A4 B6 - B7, S4 B6 - B7, RS4 B7 and Seat Exeo dashboard display with Minitools SEPDISP26