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How to repair Fiat Panda 319 dashboards with fading or unreadable display

Is the Fiat Panda 319 centre display showing dead pixels or missing segments? Is the Fiat Panda 319 instrument cluster display not working? Replace it with SEI-DISP148.

The following guide will explain how to repair the instrument clusters of Fiat Panda 319 (models since 2012), replacing the defective display with SEI-DISP148.

Undo the two front screws to remove the central frame of the cluster.

With the aid of the spudger, unhook the plastic clips securing the front part of the panel, and remove it.

Undo the two screws placed on the white interior plastic, and, with the aid of the spudger, remove the back part.

With the pliers, rotate the clip of the metal frame of the display, and remove it unhooking the other clips with the curved tip tool.

Open the FPC connector and take out the display.

Insert then the FPC of the new screen in its connector. And close it.

Then, place and secure the new LCD in its base.

Re-insert the metal frame and secure it rotating the back clip.

Put back the rear plastic and tighten the two screws to secure it.

Re-insert the front part.

Tighten the central frame.

Perfetto! Problem solved!