Guide to repairing VW Golf instrument clusters

Volkswagen Golf mk4, mk5 and mk6 dashboards, are affected by many problems relating to LCD displays faded or needles that do not work properly.

Your first reaction to solve these problems might be to replace the instrument cluster, an operation that involves long waiting times and significant expense. But there is an alternative: once you have identified the cause of the problem, you can replace the pointer motor or replace the Golf dashboard lcd display.

Once you have removed the Golf dashboard, you can sort out instrument clusters problems using Minitools parts.

So, how can you get rid of Golf instrument cluster problems by replacing only the display or only the pointer motor?

Here are three short guides describing how to repair Golf mk4, Golf mk5, Golf mk6 dashboards.

Repairing the Golf mk4 dashboard

Several Minitools parts are available to repair VW Golf mk4 instrument clusters from 1997 to 2004. If the problem is that the multi-function display (MFD) is faded or off, you can replace the original Golf mk4 lcd display with one of the following compatible displays:

  • SEPDISP36 for Volkswagen Golf mk4 with VDO dashboard and full fiss display measuring 58x74mm;
  • SEPDISP20 for VW Golf mk4 with VDO dashboard and 26 pin half fiss display measuring 56x45mm;
  • SEPDISP23 for VW Golf IV with VDO dashboard and 34 pin half fiss display measuring 56x45m;

To choose correct display, the size of the Minitools display and the number of pins connecting it to the dashboard PCB must correspond to those of the original display.

The next step is to install the lcd display on the dashboard. This is done by soldering the flat ribbon connector to the instrument cluster.

However, if the dashboards are affected by problems with needles, a series of pointer motors is available to sort out this type of malfunctions:

To decide which stepper motor is required to repair your Golf mk4 needles, compare the original motor with the one indicated above and identify the corresponding.

Once you have replaced the lcd display or stepper motor, test the instrument cluster and refit the dashboard.

Some codes of original Golf 4 dashboards that can be repaired: 110.080.374/005, 1K0920864B, A2C53101013, VP6V1F-10849-GB, 1K0920863A, 110.080.247/024, 110080247034, A2C53164665, 110.080.374/002, 1K0920860L, 1K0920861B, 1K0920864A/AX


Repairing the Golf mk5 dashboard

To avoid replacing the dashboard, after disassembling the Golf mk5 instrument cluster, it is essential to identify the part required for the repair.

If the Golf mk5 multi-function display is not working or some pixels are faded, making the information shown difficult to read, replace the Golf mk5 lcd display with one of the Minitools LCD displays. These can be fitted to the Vw Golf mk5 from 2003 to 2008 and the VW Golf 5 Plus from 2004 to 2008:

  • SEPDISP10 for VW Golf mk5 with VDO dashboard and half fiss display measuring 63x49mm;
  • SEPDISP12 for Volkswagen Golf V with VDO dashboard and full fiss display measuring 67x85mm;
  • SEPDISP31 for Volkswagen Golf mk5 and VW Golf mk5 Plus with VDO dashboard and full fiss display measuring 75x84mm;

Before you buy a new display, you must check the size of your existing display.

To repair the Golf 5 display, insert the flat ribbon connector of the display directly in the connector on the PCB of the instrument cluster.

For more information on Golf mk5 lcd repair with Minitools SEPDISP10 display you can watch our video tutorial!

Another problem with the Golf mk5 instrument cluster concerns the needles. In some cases, the water temperature pointer or fuel level gauge pointer does not work. In this case too, you can repair the pointer without replacing the Volkswagen Golf mk5 dashboard. All you have to do is replace the defective motor with stepper motor SEI-MOT10-C, which can be used to repair all the pointers on this instrument cluster if necessary.

Once you have carried out the repair, test and then refit the instrument cluster.

Some codes of original Golf 5 dashboards that can be repaired: 110.080.374/005, 1K0920864B, 1K0920862A, A2C53101013, VP6V1F-10849-GB, 1K0920863A, A2C53164665, 1K0920860L, 110.080.247/024


Repairing the Golf mk6 dashboard

If you have a problem with Golf mk6 instrument cluster, you can have the repair carried out by an auto electrician or mechatronics expert who specialises in repairing car electronic systems.

To repair Golf mk6 instrument clusters from 2008 to 2013 with an illegible MFD display, the cheapest and quickest solution is to replace the not working Golf mk6 display with a new display or a compatible Minitools flat (carbon ribbon cable):

  • SEPDISP57A for Volkswagen Golf VI with VDO dashboard in km and display measuring 5x83.5 mm;
  • SEPDISP57B for VW Golf mk6 with VDO dashboard in miles and display measuring 61.5x83.5 mm;
  • SEPFLAT44 for VW Golf mk6 with VDO dashboard in miles or km and display measuring 61.5x83.5 mm;

Before buying the part, check that the Minitools display is compatible with your current dashboard display. Open the instrument cluster and check that the flat ribbon connector (connecting the display to the dashboard) is the same shape and size as display SEPDISP57A or SEPDISP57B.

To repair the lcd display with SEPFLAT44, hot-solder the flat ribbon connecting it to both the PCB and the original display. This repair can be simplified using displays SEPDISP57A or SEPDISP57B, because these are only soldered to the instrument cluster PCB.

Also, if there are problems with the needles (e.g. if the rev counter pointer or odometer pointer is not working) the original motor can be replaced with stepper motor SEI-MOT10-D available from the Minitools store. Changing the motor makes it quicker and cheaper to repair a Volkswagen Golf mk6 needles.

Once you have replaced the display or pointer motor, test and fit the Golf mk6 dashboard.

Some codes of original Golf 6 dashboards that can be repaired: 110.080.374/005, 1K0920864B, 1K0920862A, A2C53101013, VP6V1F-10849-GB, 1K0920863A, A2C53164665, 1K0920860L, 110.080.247/024, 110080247034

If you have any problems or need further information, go to the Minitools store to chat to a technician specialising in dashboard repair, who will be able to help you decide which part to buy and advise you on carrying out the repair.


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Guide to repairing VW Golf instrument clusters

Volkswagen Golf mk4, mk5 and mk6 dashboards, are affected by many problems relating to LCD displays faded or needles that do not work properly. Your first reaction to solve these ...
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