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How to repair the not working car stereo knob replacing the rotative encoder

Is the volume knob of the car radio malfunctioning? Is it not possible to scroll options or functions of the car stereo? The incremental encoder underneath the knob may be damaged.

The following guide will explain you how to repair the car stereos knob of several Dacia, Lada, Nissan and Renault models, replacing the defective encoder with the replacement part SEI-ENC001.

N.B. The SEI-ENC001 is also adaptable to the car radios of several Chevrolet, Holden, Opel and Vauxhall models, to find out all the compatible models, see the product sheet.

Undo the screws to remove the side metal supports.

With the aid of the spudger, unhook the front part levering on the plastic clips on the sides of the head unit.

Remove the black screws from the board and release the PCB from the plastic part.

With a soldering iron with chisel tip and a de-soldering braid, de-solder the encoder pins.

Remove the encoder.

Replace it with the SEI-ENC001.

Solder it as it was originally.

Thoroughly clean with some solvent.

Reconnect the board to the front part.

Re-insert the knob.

Re-fit the head unit.

Finally, position and tighten the side metal supports.

Perfetto! Problem solved!