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How to repair Alfa Romeo 159, 8C, Brera and Spider instrument clusters with defective display

Does the Alfa Romeo dashboards central display have frozen / stuck pixels? Is the Alfa Romeo instrument cluster screen half faded? Replace it with Minitools replacement LCD SEPDISP79. The following guide will explain how to fix the speedometers of Alfa Romeo 159, 8C, Brera and Spider, replacing the faulty central display with Minitools part SEPDISP79. Unhook the plastic clips of the external front panel with the aid of the spudger to take it off. Then, remove the overlay at the top side. Undo the screws on the inside with a torx screwdriver. Levering on the side clips on the rear, take off the remaining front cover. Remove the metal frame securing the display. Open the connectors of the side FPCs with the curved tip tool, first from one side, then from the other. Remove the screen. Peel off the back protective film from the Minitools LCD and position it in the correct direction (SEE GALLERY). Re-insert the two FPCs in their connectors with the aid of the tweezers, closing them using the curved tip tool. Then, remove the top side film as well. Fit back the metal frame, and the front cover. Tighten the screws. Put back the overlay at the top as it was originally, then the cluster front panel. Perfetto! Problem solved.